Somalia: Bari to face Banaadir in the cup final for the regional football tournament.

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Somalia: Bari to face Banaadir in the cup final for the regional football tournament.

Garowe, Dec 30 – A great way to bid farewell to the passing year (2010) and receive the new year (2011) in Somalia. Not the usual news one expects from these parts of the world, but all in all a pleasant way to end the year.

Celebrations and festivities are in full swing; emotions and enthusiasm are aplenty in restaurants and coffee bars in Garowe, state capital for Puntland State of Somalia.

Congratulating the two finalists while commiseration the existing teams, the general mood in Garowe and elsewhere in the country is at an all-time high.

Competing in the final for the regional football cup are the tigers of the tournament, Bari against the second favourite Banaadir on Friday, December 31, 2010.

There will be, at Mire Awaare stadium tomorrow, a ceremony commemorating the achievement of the Somali football federation, the dedication by competing teams against all odds, and the generosity of the hosting regions.

The kick-off for Somalia’s regional football tournament was on December 15th with fifteen regions competing for the trophy, and so far, the only disappointment has been with losing teams.

Fifteen of the eighteen regions of the pre-civil war Somalia are competing for the regional football tournament and the games were last held in 1987; not attending are the three break-away regions in the Northwest Somalia (Somaliland).

The tournament is sponsored by the Somali football federation in collaboration with Puntland’s sports association, and Puntland administration is providing logistics, security and general procession of the tournament.

Daljir News Desk,
Radio Daljir.